Private Translations

Types of documents we translate and certify

We translate and certify all types of documents in all formats and volume in the source and into the target language of your choice.

The most common documents are so-called private documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, any other certificates of one’s personal status or similar. Private documents are often, but not always, relatively short and can be translated and certified within the shortest timeframes, including less than within 24 hours.

Financial Documents

Business is global and translation and certification of financial documents (or business documents) is another very common service we deliver on daily basis.

Financial documents often include graphs and tables and may require additional time to recreate the original format, which is vital for the ease of reference and subsequent use of the translated document.

Financial statements, accounts, bank statements, balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, any corporate or even marketing document are some of the examples of financial documents we translate and certify. See here for more information.

Educational Documents

Educational documents are also private documents to an extent, but deal only with one’s educational history and background. Parchments, transcripts of results, academic letters of recommendation, academic certificates, diploma supplements, course outlines, curricula, academic articles and papers, theses, etc. are some of the examples of educational documents and these can be short (starting from only one page) or large (up to 100 pages or even more).

As increasingly more young people opt to study abroad, translation of educational documents becomes one of the most frequently requested services. Translated and certified educational documents are required for academic equivalency assessment, admission and even one’s professional career following graduation.


Medical Documents

Medical documents concern one’s private health matters and are at times challenging to translate (thanks to the notoriously difficult to read medical handwriting, which knows no language borders).

We nonetheless strive to deliver a professional and accurate translation of the most complex medical documents and will always discuss with our clients in advance any pertinent issues that may arise.

Medical documents include medical reports, admission and discharge reports, prescriptions, personal medical history records, etc. See here for more information.

Legal Documents

Legal documents are documents that concern a legal matter (as opposed to private documents, for example, that concern private matters) and encompass an extensive range of documents, including:

– affidavits, court documents,
– court judgments or decisions, decrees, orders, powers of attorney,
– powers of attorney to buy and sell,
– agreements and contracts (including employment),
– wills, bequests, inheritance, succession documents,
– any document drafted by a lawyer, solicitor, attorney, barrister,
– and many more.

The list of legal documents is seemingly endless and we translate and certify all of them.