Medical Translations

Medical documents are some of the most complex and time-consuming documents to translate. Some are pages-long, but others are short, which however does not make them less technical. Although we do try to deliver your certified medical translation within the shortest of timeframes, please bear in mind that we prioritise quality over time.

It is not simply about highly technical medical language and terms, but often about being able to read a physician’s or doctor’s handwriting and having a good understanding of Latin. We are thus very particular and extremely demanding when it comes to assigning medical translation projects to our expert translators. Rest assured that our certified and qualified medical translators will perform medical translation of your document to the highest of standards.


Certified Medical Translation

Besides the actual accuracy of the text, we guarantee next to identical formatting of your original document for ease of reference. It means that your certified medical translation will look identical (or 98% identical) to your original file.

We provide a complete package of medical translation services in Dublin. We will first translate your document from the source to the specified target language (other than English is also possible) and will then legalise your medical translation to give it legal weight and validity.

We are here to be your medical translation agency of reference. Customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities. It is important for us that you trust us with your certified medica translation.

Medial and healthcare documents can be handwritten or typed and the translation timeframes in this case may depend on the legibility of the original text. Some of the most frequently translated documents include, but are not limited to the following:


· Medical history record (summarising one’s medical history)

· Medical reports (including admission and discharge reports)

· Medical laboratory test results (complex documents containing tables and numerous highly technical abbreviations)

· Vaccination certificates

· Prescriptions

· Examination reports

· Manufacturing and product authorisations

· Import authorisations

· Medical disclosure and confidentiality agreements

· Consent forms

· General medical forms and questionnaires

· Medical guidelines and medicinal product directives (national, European, international)


Transcription of medical documents can also be part of the translation process. Many medical and healthcare documents are filled in by hand and translation of such documents requires experience in reading handwriting, in particular with reference to medial texts. Such documents are often transcribed first and are subsequently translated, if required.