Engineering Translation

If you are looking to translate documents from mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering or any other engineering field, we are here to provide the best certified engineering translation services near you. You can simply scan or take a picture of your documents and e-mail them to us. We shall process your request with confidentiality and provide you with a quote.

Certified engineering translation is a highly technical specialisation and should only be entrusted to a professional and experienced certified translation agency and accredited translators. Engineering encompasses various scientific, professional and academic fields, ranging from the most common and familiar such as chemical and civil engineering, to aerospace and biomedical engineering and each is characterised by a highly technical and specific terminology.

Certified engineering translation may be required if you are applying for a patent, permit or authorisation for a specific engineering device or machinery. International and national agencies will only accept certified translations and might even request for the translation to be notarised. In this case, we will be happy to provide bundle translation – certification – notarisation service at a single quote.

You might also be doing a final thesis in your engineering degree or doing an academic research project in agricultural, nuclear, marine, mining and geological or even health and safety engineering and a certified engineering translation of articles or an entire books even in the specific subject might be just what you need to obtain honours or even a distinction


Quality and engineering precision guaranteed!

Engineering documents are highly technical and usually consist of text, graphs and illustrations, which makes the translation process more specialised and requires additional time. All graphs and tables in the original document must be reproduced and the text must be translated to reflect the original format.


Some of the most frequently translated engineering documents are listed below:


· Operations and maintenance related documents

· Engineering specifications and guidelines

· Functional specifications

· Construction plans and schedules

· Fabrication, assembly, test, installation procedures and reports

· Project organisation documents (and all technical-administrative related documents)

· Engineering drawings and illustrations with accompanying text

· Best engineering practices documents

· Quality assurance documents

· Engineering market surveys

· Legal guidelines and directives (national, European, international)


Another distinctive feature of most engineering documents is the size of the document – some can be hundreds of pages long.