Translation for Immigration

A decision to immigrate is not one taken lightly and alas, the formalities that accompany one’s move overseas are often time- and energy-consuming. One of the first things to do is to obtain a certified translation of the documents that may be necessary to facilitate the immigration process. And for that you would need to select a trustworthy translation agency to process your request with professionalism and confidentiality. We are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Certified translation for immigration purposes covers a large number of documents; the list is almost endless and depends on each specific and individual case.

Immigration for personal reasons – family reunification

Relocating to another country for family reasons is the most common type of immigration. Legally the process is referred to as family reunification or family reunion, whereby a spouse joins his/her spouse in a different country. Immigration document translation in this situation starts with your birth certificate and marriage certificate and other personal documents.

The process is reasonably straightforward and we gladly offer quick – up to 24 hours – completion period of the certified translation for immigration purposes. ID documentation, passports, civil register documents or certificates of no impediment to marriage will also be required if you are in a civil partnership and your partner is living abroad.

Work immigration

Immigration document translation for work purposes covers all the aforementioned personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) as well as a wide range of work-related, business and financial documents. Employment contract will be the first document to be translated as it attests to your reason for immigration.

As part of your work visa application process, you would also need to obtain certified translation of a wide range of other documents for immigration for work purposes, including bank statements, financial statements, certificates of employment, recommendation letters, academic records, or even medical records, etc.

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