Legal Translation

What is a legal document and why would one need to translate and certify it?

A legal document is any document issued for a private person or a legal entity, company, concerning that person’s or this company’s legal status or a specific legal matter. A court order, court judgment, decision or ruling, are examples of legal documents.

If you are doing business with a company abroad or moving overseas for personal reasons, or settling some personal matters in a different country, you will need to obtain a certified legal translation of the documents to submit to local authorities.

Personal legal documents that you would in this case need to obtain a certified legal translation for can be any documents that require your signature, such as employment contracts, divorce settlements, child custody-related court documents, succession, inheritance and will documents, powers of attorney or any court judgments.

Business or commercial legal documents that you would most probably require a certified legal translation for include, but are not limited to, business reports, annual statements or statements of results, or any agreements and contracts.

Certified legal translation entails first of all translation of your original document from any language, French for example, or vice versa, from English into French. Once your document has been translated, it will be certified by a notary public or a solicitor. Certified legal translation will be complete, once the final translation file has been enclosed a certification page bearing the name of the translator, name of the translation company and the certifying notary public or solicitor as well as the latter’s stamp and signature. Only afterwards you can submit your certified legal translation to local authorities. It will otherwise have no legal power. Any legal translation can in theory be correct and accurate, but only certified legal translation officially confirms that and does so in writing.


Entrust your legal documents to the professionals!

Legal document is a general term that refers to various documents dealing with legal matters in Ireland and abroad. Any document can in fact become a legal document if required as part of a judicial process. It is the most frequent type of documents translated and certified by translation agencies and some of the legal documents we translate on daily basis are listed below:




· Employment contracts and agreements

· Employment and tax declarations

· Payslips




· Articles of association, Articles of incorporation or bylaws

· Confidentiality agreements

· Tax declarations

· Financial statements and reports

· Purchase orders and invoices

· General assembly meetings and minutes

· Auditor’s reports




· Powers of attorney

· Lease and rent agreements

· Insurance agreements and policies

· Citizenship, residency and immigration documents




· Court summons and subpoena

· Court judgments, decisions, decrees, and orders (on civil, commercial or any other matters)


We furthermore translate and certify texts of actual laws, guidelines and directives (national, EU and international).