Certified Swedish Translation

Swedish is one of the official languages of the European Union and we provide certified Swedish translation of any private, commercial, medical, business or legal document.

Most common and frequently translated Swedish documents are private civil registry extracts and certificates, tax declarations or statements, bank statements or academic certificates and statements of results.

Certified Swedish translation is also required of any documents to be submitted for immigration purposes. If you operate business in Sweden and Ireland or if you have Swedish business partners, certified Swedish translation (from or into Swedish) is a must for successful business to create trust and transparency and for tax purposes, if you are filling tax declarations in both countries.

As part of the business document translation services, we also provide certified Swedish translation of marketing materials and website content. Please do not hesitate to contact us and outline your target audience and we will ensure that your marketing message has the effect and meaning you intend it to have.

Certified Swedish translation entails having your document translated from or into English and subsequently certified it. This means that your document will be enclosed a certification (by solicitor or notary public) attesting to the truth and authenticity of the translation. This is a legal requirement and no local authorities will accept a translation without certification.