Certified Portuguese Translation

We specialise in certified Portuguese translation services of European documents from Portugal or Portuguese language documents from Brazil and vice versa, certified translation of documents for submission to Portuguese or Brazilian authorities.

Should you require a certified Portuguese translation for use in Brazil, we shall ensure that it is translated by a native speaker from Brazil for consistency and accuracy purposes. There may be slight or on the contrary significant linguistic nuances to be taken into consideration when translating from or into Portuguese. Please let us know your preferences in advance.

We offer certified Portuguese translation of personal documents, such as ID documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licences, academic records and many more. Personal documents are often translated in a bundle, in particular for study purposes. In this case a certified Portuguese translation is required simultaneously for academic records and certificates as well as ID documents. The same applies if you require certified Portuguese translation for immigration purposes. You may need to translate bank statements as well as birth or medical certificates in one go. We will be happy to offer a special quote on such orders. Please inquire with us in advance.

Business and commercial documents can be a just a page or tens of pages long and have different certified translation completion timeframes. Companies register extracts can be translated within a few hours, while articles of association, for example, may require days or even weeks to be translated and certified. Should your certified Portuguese translation be urgent, please let us know in advance and we shall do our best to accommodate you.