Certified French Translation

Are you moving to France to study, work over the summer or are you relocating permanently or buying a property? Or vice versa, selling your property and moving back home? For any of these actions you would need to provide a certified French translation and we would be happy to assist you with it.

In addition to the standard list of personal documents, such as birth certificates, no-impediment to marriage certificates or school and university records, a certified French translation is required for affidavits or powers of attorney. These can be two to three or even 20 pages long and can be translated and certified within 24 hours to a few days, depending on your deadline.

Tax declarations, pay slips, employment contracts or letters of recommendation are other frequently requested translations.

All our certified French translations are completed in observance of the original format for ease of reference. This will facilitate submission of your translated documents either to Irish or French authorities.

We furthermore specialise in certified French translation of accounting, business and legal documents of any volume or format.  

We also translate and certify French documents for submission to the French-speaking countries of North Africa and Quebec in Canada or originating from these parts of the world. Do please specify your preferences, if, for example, you require a certified Canadian French translation.