Certified Dutch Translation

If you are doing business with the Netherlands or Belgium, or if for personal reasons you are relocating to either of these countries or vice versa returning back home to Ireland, you will most likely need to obtain certified Dutch translation of your documents.

Certified Dutch translation is different from a simple translation in that you also receive a certificate enclosed to it, attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the translation and credentials of the translator. That way the authorities that you submit your certified Dutch translation to are certain that it is valid and can be accepted.

We translate any document, be it private or commercial. Short documents up to five pages are translated and certified within 48 hours, but we do also offer urgent translation service if you are on a tight deadline. Please contact us for a quote.

Furthermore, we provide certified Dutch translation of lengthy commercial and business documents, articles of association, business plans, that can be more than 100 pages long. These documents usually contain graphs and tables that will also be reproduced in the file that you receive.

If you are looking to translate into Dutch, we will confirm with you whether the document is meant for Belgium or the Netherlands and will assign your document to a respective native speaker to ensure that your certified Dutch translation is accepted by respective local authorities.