Certified Arabic Translation

Certified Arabic translation is at present one of the most frequently requested services. Arabic is spoken and used by one third of the world’s population and it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Certified Arabic translation is required for a large number of jurisdictions, while Arabic private and business documents to be translated and certified into English differ linguistically from one country to another. For example, an UAE Arabic language document, be it official or private (written by hand even) would differ from a Libyan Arabic language document not just in format, but in the actual use of the language and official terms.

We work with native speakers and professional Arabic translators from various Arab countries and will ensure that your document has been translated correctly and accurately. Certified Arabic translation of Algerian, Moroccan or Tunisian documents, that are often issued in Arabic and French, is assigned to translators who speak both Arabic and French.

We also provide certified Arabic translation of hand-written documents that are often difficult to read. We check and verify all translations with our customers, but particularly so with hand-written documents to ensure that all details are correct and nothing is missing.

Furthermore, all certified Arabic translations match the original in format and layout to avoid any confusion and ensure the ease of reference of the translated text.