Certified Spanish Translation

Certified Spanish translation does not only encompass a wide range of personal and commercial documents, but also documents from a number of very different jurisdictions, Spain in Europe and all of Latin and Central America.

We specialise in certified Spanish translation and certification services from and into Latin American “standard”, Castilian “standard” as well as any regional Spanish varieties. Do please tell us in advance the country that you intend to submit your document to and we will make sure to assign your order to the corresponding native speaker.

Certified Spanish translation is a requirement for all documents that you intend to use officially either in Ireland or in the Spanish-language speaking country in question.

Some of the most frequently translated and certified Spanish documents are birth and marriage certificates and pretty much all civil register extracts and certificates, academic records and transcripts of results (if you intend to continue your studies in Ireland, for example), police clearance and criminal records certificates (often required for employment and immigration purposes), as well as any work and employment-related contracts or agreements or even pay slips.

In addition to the certified Spanish translation of personal documents, we do also translate and certify business and commercial, as well as medical and legal documents. Financial statements and annual reports, framework agreements, import and export certificates, in particular for pharmaceutical products, invoices or companies register extracts, are some of the documents we daily process for certified Spanish translation and subsequent notarisation.