Certified Korean Translation

Korean may sound a rare and exotic language, but not for us. Spoken by more than 70 million people, it is a language we work with on a regular basis. Although certified Korean translation is primary requested by corporate clients, we also provide Korean translation and certification of any private documents and can arrange for an urgent 24-hour completion period.

Certified Korean translation is required to make sure that your translated Korean documents are accepted as valid by Irish authorities or vice versa, that your Irish documents are accepted by Korean authorities, be it for business or private purposes.

We provide certified Korean translation of marriage and birth certificates as well as any academic documents (such as school certificates or university transcripts of results or parchments) or documents that may be required for residence or work purposes.

We also translate and certify lengthy business-related, commercial and manufacturing documents, such as product specifications, customs, import or export certificates, shipping documents and declarations, financial statements and many more. Furthermore, we can on request provide certified Korean translation of any marketing materials for website content or brochures.